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STOP Assigning Conditions To Your Self-love

Stop Assigning Conditions To Your Self-Love

Ever heard yourself say, “When I lose the weight I will love myself”

“When I find a man, I will love myself”

“When I become a mother, I will love myself”

“When I get my raise, I will deserve to love myself”

“When I get “that” job, I will love myself”

What happens when the above happened?

Do you immediately love yourself? Was it like a switch? OR, were you like me and finding your circumstances changing over and over again and yet you were still you. Not happy & not loving yourself.

I get it. I was there. I kept thinking if circumstances changed, I would find my happiness and take the time to love myself.

Even when I read things like self-love is a choice or happiness is a choice. It still didn’t really sink deep enough because I was stuck in victim-hood, “Well, they don’t know how tough this is, day to day” or “Yup, once this changes, I will love myself, just this one thing is keeping me from happiness!”

It really didn’t hit me hard; that self-love is a choice until I realized I was continually meeting my self-imposed conditions, and my love for myself wasn’t changing.

Truthfully, it didn’t change until I started working on getting to know who I was and most importantly; WHY. Why I am the way I am, was the catalyst for my own self-love. Working through the belief systems I held on to for far too long, forgiving myself and realizing I could once again trust myself was my magical recipe.

You can do it too, my dear. You really, really can. I’ve seen it in myself & countless other women (and men).

It begins with a choice, and that choice is the decision to show up and do the work. Uncover who you are, layer by layer. Release beliefs that are no longer serving you. Forgive yourself. Cultivate trust in yourself. Start practicing self-love gently. Then, before you know it, it will be a fierce part of your routine that you are unwilling to let go of.

Little by little each & every day, that’s all you need.


If you'd like to learn more about how I can help you find your self love, visit


Nichole Causey

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