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Why I let Sex Magick Change My Life

Did you know that within the realm of magick, pleasure can be a powerful tool for manifesting desires?

Just as ancient traditions have recognized the energy of orgasms, there's a fascinating concept known as sex magick. This practice suggests that by channeling our inner energy, we can tap into a wellspring of potential to bring our dreams to life.

Here are some of my fav reasons why you should try it too.

1: The Essence of Sex Magick

In the world of magick, orgasms are seen as a profound source of energy, a force capable of cleansing, rejuvenating, and even aiding in the realization of our desires. Occultists have long held the belief that sexual energy has the potential to shape our reality, transforming us into active participants in the creation of our destinies.

2: Embracing Sacred Connections

Bruja, artist, and botanica owner, Taylor Cordova, emphasizes that the alchemical process of creation is an innate aspect of our being. This perspective views sacred sex as a gateway through which our most audacious dreams can materialize. By engaging in this practice, we align ourselves with the universe, harmonizing our energy to wield our innate power for cosmic transformation.

3: Channeling the Mystical Forces

To embark on this journey of self-empowerment, you must tap into your inner strength and focus on the desires you wish to manifest. By doing so, you can use the energy generated through pleasure to initiate shifts in the universe, calling upon mystical forces within ourselves to propel our aspirations into reality.

4: Unveiling the Potential Spells

The question arises: What kinds of spells can be cast using orgasms as a catalyst? This intriguing facet of sex magic opens doors to a plethora of possibilities. From manifesting self-confidence to attracting abundance, the connection between pleasure and intention creates a dynamic platform for achieving a variety of goals.

As we journey through the realm of sex magick inside the 1:1 coaching and transformation 3 month package, we discover an unexplored path toward your best self.

By recognizing the profound energy within us and embracing the alchemical nature of pleasure, we unlock the potential to manifest desires, shift the cosmos, and embark on a transformative adventure fueled by the union of our inner power and mystical forces.

Lots of love,



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