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My Top 3 New Moon Rituals

The New Moon is associated with manifesting; whereas, the full moon is associated with releasing and forgiveness.

How perfect of a cycle is this? Seems to go hand in hand, doesn't it?

Anyhow! I liken the new moon to the blueprint of my future, so I enjoy a little manifesting ritual; especially because I am a specific, active manifestor in Human Design. (go here to learn about in Human Design)

For a few days prior and especially the day of, I meditate on my desires. Other than that, here are some more ideas:

1-On the New Moon, I sit down and create sacred space by lighting a candle, cleansing with palo santo, and grab my journal and pen. Then I write down my desires for the next month. Many friends and colleagues paint their desires; which I find to be a beautiful, strong tool for seeing your desires come to life. I am more of a feeler and seer in my mind's eye, so I tend to just stay in my visualization in my head, through meditation after I write down my intentions. Do whatever sounds best to you if you want to step up your manifestation game! The key here is that no matter your design for manifestation, you do as much or as little as you want and feels right to you.

2-Another idea is to do an oracle card reading for yourself. Here is an idea for the spread:

Card 1: A goal you'd like to accomplish

Card 2: Potential roadblocks

Card 3: How to let go of the blocks

Card 4: Behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs you need to work on to make your dream a reality

3-Make Moon Water: Grab your favorite glass (I prefer to reuse wine bottles or liquor bottles) and pray/intend over the water with what it is you're beginning or manifesting. Set it outside or in your window seal (make sure it is sealed) and ask the New Moon to alchemize the water to support your intentions. Grab it in the morning (preferably before the Sun comes up) and use it in your bath water, to make tea/coffee, to drink or even to anoint yourself. Placing a few drops on your solar plexus or heart chakra can help alchemize the area into belief.

Happy Manifesting in the New Moon & remember, the key to everything is truly intention. SO HAVE FUN AND DON'T OVER THINK THIS! Nichole Causey-Coleman


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