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Mission, Life Purpose & Values

This week one of my closest friends shared with me her top 5 values. I listened patiently, loved them ALL, then told her I DID THE SAME THING! How perfect is that? Are we in alignment or what?

I’ve meditated on the subject of values, mission statements and life purpose for…a really long time, LOL…but I finally wrote them all down and I am LIVING by these. At first I was so confused about what a value is; especially when mission and life purpose are being thrown about. Please realize, this is my personal definition, if it doesn’t jive with you, that’s okay! Make your own! Just DO IT!

Values: Beliefs, qualities, philosophies

Mission: Action steps summarized, this can change, or to quote my rock star husband, “Mission changes, purpose doesn’t, purpose is ever lasting.” MIC. DROP. Right? Ha. After he said that I told him it all makes sense now!

Purpose: Why are you here on this beautiful planet, as a spiritual being having a human experience?

So are you curious to hear what mine are? They are somewhat sacred to me but sharing them will only help me to stay true to them, keeping them hidden will only help me run from them. I encourage you to share yours in the comments! <3

Mission: Teaching & Living conscious health, holistic wellness & SELF-LOVE to all human beings through empowering their own self-value.

Life Purpose: To live and honor my higher self.

My Five Values:

  1. Spiritual Self Actualization {This is how I connect to oneness, to God or Universe, my spiritual practice}

  2. LOVE

  3. Honesty

  4. Teaching & Learning Conscious Living

  5. Health & Wellness

When you are in alignment with who you are, your inner values, your mission, your life purpose, YOU ARE IN THE FLOW. The flow is the place where there is no rain on your parade. The flow is where you’re kicking ass and taking names. The flow is when you are HAPPY, when you are grateful, when you are glowing. The flow is where each and every one of us strive to get to, but allow our fear and victim mentality to keep us from. {HEY EGO. WE SEE YOU. WE LOVE YOU, BUT TAKE A STEP BACK AND LET OUR HIGHER, AUTHENTIC SELF DRIVE} The flow is when we choose love over fear and we choose to walk through our fears.

So ask yourself each and every time before you do something, is this in alignment with my values? Take it from me, follow those values. I’m almost positive each of us hasn’t and has learned a thing or two about following our gut or intuition. Remember, if you do not have a big enough WHY, you will not succeed. Find your purpose, find your mission, find your values.

If you need help exploring your values, let’s talk. Email me at and we'll get you started!

With much gratitude,

Nichole Causey


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