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Journey Through the Veil: Samhain History & a Simple Ritual to Connect to Your Ancestors

Samhain, pronounced "sow-in," is a significant festival celebrated by Celts and pagans long before the dominance of Christianity.

This ancient holiday marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the darker half of the year, focusing on the transition from life to death and the connection between the living and the deceased.

Samhain finds its roots in Celtic culture and is believed to have been celebrated in the British Isles, Ireland, and parts of France. The Celts divided the year into two halves: the light half, beginning with Beltane (May 1), and the dark half, commencing with Samhain.

During Samhain, it is believed that the boundaries between the physical world and the spiritual realm are thin. This allows for easier communication with ancestors and spirits.

The Celts honored their deceased loved ones during Samhain, setting an extra place at the table and lighting candles to guide their spirits home.

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An additional way to connect with your ancestors during Samhain, is to do this simple ritual. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Create an Altar:

Set up a small, sacred space or altar. Place items that have personal significance, such as photos of ancestors, family heirlooms, or candles, on the altar.

2. Light Candles:

Light a white candle to represent the spirit world, a black candle to symbolize the dark half of the year, and a red candle to represent the element of fire.

3. Offerings:

Leave offerings such as food, drink, flowers, herbs or tokens that your ancestors enjoyed in life. This is a gesture of respect and hospitality.

4. Meditation:

Sit quietly and meditate, focusing on your ancestors. Think about their presence and the wisdom they can offer.

5. Communication:

Speak aloud or in your mind, addressing your ancestors. Share your thoughts, ask for guidance, or simply express your love and gratitude.

6. Divination:

You can also use divination tools like oracle/tarot cards, or runes to seek insight from the spirit world.

7. Closing the Ritual:

When you feel your communication is complete, thank your ancestors and extinguish the candles. Leave the offerings on the altar overnight before disposing of them.

Samhain, rooted in ancient Celtic and pagan traditions, carries a rich, beautiful history and profound spiritual significance.

As modern-day magick practitioners, we can still connect with our ancestors and celebrate this special holiday by embracing the rituals and customs that have been passed down through generations.

By honoring the past, we strengthen the bonds between the living and the deceased, keeping the spirit of Samhain alive in our hearts.

Lots of love,



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