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3 Things I Overcame To Love Myself

*Feeling Guilty About Being Unhappy: I would feel guilty for complaining, for not feeling content, for not being happy with my life. I could tell you unlimited reasons why I should be happy due to this or that; but I felt alone and lonely.

*Not Knowing How To Express Myself: Many times when I spoke up in my childhood or first marriage, about how I felt, I was invalidated. Looking back, I was surrounded by emotionally immature adults and they were doing the best they could but the emotional disconnect was severe.

*Putting Other People's Needs Before My Own: Overtime I learned (unconsciously) that I must show interest in others or take care of them, in order for my own needs and wants to be met. So the fewer emotional needs I had, the less work I was for others and the more they'd stay and semi pay attention.

Finding this relatable? Start healing here:

It all started with a choice. A choice to heal. A choice to try. A choice in whether or not I wanted to stay in the life I was living, or create a new one for myself, by aligning with my soul.




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