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What is Reiki? Energy Healing. More specifically, Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress relief & relaxation. Reiki and energy work is performed by light touch from the Reiki Master, at the main chakra points and various other energy centers throughout the body.
Reiki is based on the idea that life force energy flows through each and every one of us; which keeps us alive. When our energy is low, we are more susceptible to feel sick or stressed; when it is high we find it easier to be grateful, happy and feel less pain.

What can I expect during an Energy Healing Session with Nichole?

IN PERSON: We start by discussing anything you'd like me to focus on during your energy healing session. I begin by cleaning, aligning and opening your chakras, next I begin the Reiki (by placing my hands on your 7 major chakra centers, knees and feet--and anywhere else I am guided) while you are laying on your back. Once satisfied,  you turn over and receive Reiki on your back. I will end the session compacting your aura. Many clients report feeling a relaxing warmth while being in a meditative state & feeling a wonderful, positive energetic boost afterwards. Note: I am a Crystal Reiki Master, so if the crystals feel called to help heal, I will place them on or around your body during the session.

DISTANCE HEALING: Distance Reiki is based on the same idea as in person Reiki. Distance healing works due to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which states that we are all energy matter; we are a part of a bigger whole which allows for us all to be connected. I can connect to your energy field easily.  I send Reiki through a Distance Healing symbol, use a photo of you and set an intention.You can lay down or meditate for about 40 minutes. We will not communicate during the session. Immediately following the session, I will send you a video with the results of your session and a mini angel card reading. When booking, be sure to upload a photo of yourself and the email you'd like the video sent to.

What are current clients saying?


"When I came to Nichole, I was extremely stressed out and not feeling well.  Nothing was really working for me and I knew I needed some healing ASAP.  Nichole is so loving and kind and you can feel that come through with her distance healing.  It was enjoyable and I was able to relax in the comfort of my own home as she worked her magic.  When our session was over, I felt renewed, calm and centered.  The video she sent me after was wonderful and she even sensed that I had a sore throat which I didn’t tell her about!  Her mini angel card reading at the end was great and gave me some additional insight and things to meditate on.  If you’ve never had Reiki or energy healing, Nichole would be a great person to receive it from." -Nancy Weiss

"Having the best day after my session. I slept 11 hours and could feel my body healing everywhere. I love your sweet sharing spirit. Thank you/Namaste ❤"

"I am so thankful to have found Nichole!! I had been experiencing a lot of anxiety and have tried everything to get it under control so that I could get my life back in order, but nothing that I was doing on my own was working. Seeing Nichole has been the best decision I have ever made for myself! My first reiki session was an incredible experience, I felt very calm and comfortable. Towards the end of the session my hands started to tingle, it was the coolest experience to feel my body being able to release what it needed to. I felt complete peace. I knew after that session that I was hooked. I now have my anxiety under control and I have the confidence to take all the necessary steps to more forward in my life. Not only was the reiki healing incredible but the suggestions and tools that Nicole gave me at the end of our session tied everything together for me. I have never felt more at ease and secure. Nicole has a very kind and welcoming energy and genuinely cares and wants the best for her clients, you can feel that." -M

"I have now experienced Reiki twice and both experiences were wonderful but different.  I felt very calm and clearer during and after my first session.  I felt warmth in my body and a true sense of being cared for. Nichole was able to give me insights that helped me to know where to focus my energy as I went back out into the world.  My second session was very different. I joke that Spirit patted me on the butt, because I literally felt pressure and thought Nichole had placed her hands on my hind quarters.  I also thought she had placed 5 stones on my lower back because I felt each one being placed individually as I lay face down on a massage table.  Afterward when I described my experience, I was surprised and a little awe struck to hear she had not touched me at all!  So I definitely, physically, felt a release in my sacral chakra.  I also felt a strong burning, tingling sensation down my right arm and only a few tingles in my left hand at the same time, so I felt myself allowing energy to move in and out.  The sensation was not painful or alarming but more like if my arm had gone numb from lack of circulation and was now "waking up" again. Afterward and during the next few days, I felt peaceful, lighter, and grounded in myself.  A lovely balanced "in tune with me" feeling.
Thank you for such wonderful experiences, Nichole.  I feel like I've had a massage of my body and soul. 😊"
Kim White

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