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5 Unforgettable Lessons To FLY Through Fear & Into LOVE

Have you been enjoying the LIVE workshops this month, about self-love on my facebook page and group? I've truly enjoyed it, myself! Friday I spoke about 5 Unforgettable Lessons to FLY through Fear and into LOVE and I thought this information was so valuable, that it should also be written down somewhere for easier & repeat access! Here it is! 1. TRUST the Universe First & foremost: Yes, this is hard at times; to believe when we are in the moment, but how does it feel after the storm has passed and you are looking back on the events that took place? Do you sometimes wish you had trusted the journey more & worried less? In the end, most things end up okay, do they not? I know I worry when it isn’t necessary! TRUST that there is a greater plan here that we cannot see. A lot of times we have blinders on and are only focusing on what is behind us and in front of us. We forget about the present and we are so worried about the future. Wouldn’t it be nice to instead TRUST the present and flow with it, instead of fighting AGAINST it and worrying? 2. TIME to love Take the time out to receive LOVE. Do you have any animals you can snuggle with? Do you have a favorite blanket? Maybe you’re in a relationship and can speak your needs about the importance of TOUCH and snuggle up together! As humans one of our most basic needs is touch. If you’re single, snuggle with an animal, if you do not have an animal, find a heavy blanket. Be creative here and feed this need! Touch is one of the 5 main love languages for a reason! (Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman is amazing) 3. EXPAND your present reality Expand your present reality by creating awareness. Again, take the time to notice the negative thoughts & patterns that are happening in your mental atmosphere. What can you do to clear your mental atmosphere of the black clouds and fog? Can you install new ideas about yourself by coming up with a list of new beliefs about yourself? Can you practice only positive self-talk for 3 days? Maybe you could even meditate and focus on self-love for 5 minutes every day. 4. SELF-RESPONSIBILITY You are the creator of your reality. Only YOU can change you. Only you can change your reality. Stop relying upon others to do all the hard work for you; I can GUARANTEE it isn’t going to fix everything for you. You will transform your life once you take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, actions and reality. Living in co-dependency and victimhood is one way to remain unhappy & helpless. 5. ACTION squashes fear Little actions throughout your day end up squashing your fear. Really, little things like: meditating, stating affirmations out-loud in front of the mirror, visualizing, speaking your needs and desires, trusting the universe and expanding your present reality can make a huge difference in fear creeping in before you know it, or staying out on the horizon. If we all act upon self-responsibility and start taking the necessary steps mentioned above (and more) we can fly through the fears and straight into LOVE. Give it a go!


Nichole Causey

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