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Overwhelmed After your HD Reading? Here's How to Fix That!

So you had your Human Design Chart read recently? Well, first thing first, remember, I record these for you, so you can review them time and time again. If you haven't had your chart read by me, book this Human Design Intro reading here: I am all about teaching you your design so you can understand it easily, implement the changes you need to make and live in the authenticity of what you chose for this incarnation. This is a way of being, a way of life, so the more you understand it, the easier it is to live by.

Secondly, consider a full reiki session in person or at a distance. Reiki aids with a lack of clarity, indecision, overwhelm, anxiety, and a lack of concentration/focus to name just a few things. We can have a session together and intend that you fully integrate this new HD knowledge. Reiki is a beautiful tool for integration at any time. Here is a 10-minute reiki session I recorded in case you need support integrating ASAP:

Now, here is where the magick starts. Every day, try to lean into your energy type and lead by your strategy. Remember the basics:

*Your energy type is your aura and it is how your energy functions

*The Strategy is how you make things happen

*The Authority is how you best make decisions

*The Profile is your personality

*The Incarnation Cross is your life theme

When you are in alignment with your chart, you were told a specific sign so you'd know you're aligned. When you are out of alignment, you are in your not-self theme, and again were given a specific feeling to watch for. When that feeling comes up, you know it is a red flag. Return back to your strategy and authority.

When you master your strategy and authority, the rest of your chart more naturally falls into alignment. Alignment is super important because alignment is what creates a large, magnetic energy. This is how you attract your desires, the good in your life.

Human Design has helped people learn to love and accept themselves, improve their self-esteem, live their true blueprint design authentically, and create/act with awareness. You learn to leverage your energy without getting stuck in overwhelm, trauma or past triggers and quite frankly, you also learn what leads you to burn out which has added to those original traumas and triggers.

Honor & express who you truly are. Live by your design.

Lots of love and light,

Nichole Causey-Coleman

Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

High Priestess of the Rose & Womb


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