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How I Stop Anxiety & Panic Attacks Before They START!

First of all, this blog post is allowing some vulnerable energy to move into my heart space. I feel like I need to post about this though because I hear so many of you tell me you wish you experienced LESS anxiety.

First things first, getting to the root of your anxiety is a must. Anxiety typically happens because there is a misalignment in our life: our actions, our job, our family—you name it! Something isn’t right! Something is or isn't happening that you want or do not want.

There is NO shame in seeking help from a therapist. There is NO shame in taking medications.

As long as you begin to act on making anxiety happen less in your life, then you are on the right path.

Do you ever feel that anxious feeling start in the pit of your stomach? As soon as you notice it, do you find it slowly coming up? It enters your chest and your heart and you find it harder to breathe? Then it enters your throat and you find yourself sobbing through that huge lump?

I’ve had similar experiences. In fact, years ago, it used to happen a lot. I remember many evenings crying and putting my head between my legs, pushing my knees into my chest, just to help me breathe, while my husband would help me calm down. I remember thinking I couldn’t wait until this shitty feeling passed. I remember thinking WHY CAN’T I JUST STOP. I wanted it to literally SHUT OFF.

Man, I really really wish I had heard of Emotional Freedom Technique then. I could have saved myself so much pain and frustration. But, I know about it now.

Have you ever heard of EFT? I’ve been using it over a year now and any time that feeling starts rumbling in my stomach, I start tapping, tapping, tapping. Literally takes me 10 minutes, AND MY ANXIETY IS GONE. I am not kidding. When you catch it that early, IT VANISHES. Does this sound like something of interest to you? Watch the short video clip below to learn more about how tapping and speaking your emotions will RELEASE them.

To sign up!

Lots of calm LOVE,

Nichole Causey

Your Personal Cheerleader :)


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