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What is Human Design?

HD is a system, combined with astrology, the I Ching, the chakra system, Kabbalah (the Tree of Life) and quantum physics.

HD relies on your birth date, time and location in order to find out who you truly are at your core and what your soul came here to accomplish in this life.

The basics are broken down like this:

*energy types (how your soul craves to live, how you’re built to operate)

*strategies (how to make things happen and live in alignment)

*profiles (personality)

*energy centers (chakras; defined and undefined, in other words where you are absorbing energy or creating your own energy)

*incarnation cross (your life purpose)

*gates (who you are at the core & as my coach says, where your superpowers lie)

Each gate has a shadow side and a light side.

An example, I have gate 54, “The Marrying Maiden- The Gate of Drive” which means I have an inner drive to provide for myself and be independent. The shadow side of this means I have a hard time delegating and asking for help. I self-sabotage by doing all the things on my own Can you relate?! So, now I know, am I operating in my light or shadow? Gates also show us the lessons we did not master in our last lifetime. Can you see how powerful this is? Technically, you can keep repeating the same lessons over and over again in every lifetime; until you master the lesson. Human Design literally tells you what those lessons are; on top of your life purpose for this life.

Human Design is literally the blue print of your soul. It is what you chose to came here to do and be. The moment you decided to come into consciousness as a human, you chose to enter 3D, at a time when you were a match for the vibrational reality that was already created on the planet at that specific moment. These vibrations repeat, and patterns have been made, so human design shows us that birth time is not accidental, but instead purposeful and interconnected. This is the beauty of the modality, it shows you the blueprint you chose.

I love to infuse reiki and angelic healings into these sessions so you feel supported as you integrate into the knowledge. Book your 3 month total transformation here.




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