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You Took a Reiki Class. Now What?

The beauty of Reiki is that the more we use it, the more it comes to us naturally and effortlessly.

Time and time again, I see people take a reiki class, or even all 3, and remain in a state of overwhelm. They aren't sure how Reiki works, or how to call it in, and honestly still aren't sure what reiki is.

The best advice I give to all students of reiki is to practice it on a daily basis. Depending on what level you've taken, you will know how best to utilize your skills. Review your manual. Take Reiki Refresher classes! I am beginning to offer these more often.

Reiki Level 1 Practitioners should focus on reiki sessions for themselves and others. No excuses here, especially if you're a student of mine, you know I have a group specifically just for practitioners I've trained so you're in a safe space. Reach out to the people in the group. Reach out to the people you went through class with. Practice on yourself and your family and friends. Be vulnerable. You will learn through practice, not just some divine download through taking the classes.

Reiki 2 Practitioners: Same advice as above. You also now know how to reiki inanimate objects, as well as your environment. You also learned how to cleanse, protect, and reiki a room. Do so, and do so often. You also learned distance reiki, so start reiki'ing your childhood. Find times in your life you know caused trauma and send reiki to that little girl or boy.

Reiki 3/Master: Same as above 2, but take it even further. You've learned other healing modalities like advanced chakra healing, angelic healing, essential oils--etc. Reiki should be a part of your daily life. It is the foundation of your everyday tasks just like energetic hygiene.

The trick is, when challenge comes, (AND IT WILL, ALWAYS) that is the time to keep going. I see so many students quit reiki because someone tells them they didn't feel anything in a session or that what the practitioner told them doesn't resonate. So what? That is solely their problem, not yours. Remember, you do not decide where reiki goes, the soul of the person being worked on does. So maybe they don't notice any differences, but trust that the universe has provided exactly what they needed at that time and that you were the perfect vessel.

I cannot tell you how many times I've been a broken record with my clients about what I felt, saw, heard, etc in a session and it didn't resonate. Of course in the beginning it bothered me but it no longer does because I am not invested in healing others, in doing the work for them. I am invested in healing myself. I am not responsible for healing anyone outside of myself and that my friends, is where many healers go wrong. You will not fix anyone. If someone comes to you thinking you will fix them, you can't. It is literally impossible. Healing is holding space for others while they heal and awaken.

Here is a link to a reiki self-session you can use anytime:

Here is a link to calling back your energy and keeping your spiritual hygiene up:

Lots of (maybe tough) love! You've got this.

Nichole Causey-Coleman

Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

High Priestess of the Rose & Womb


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