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JOY Boost

One of the many questions I receive as a happiness coach is how can I boost my joy in any given moment?

This question is so popular among my clients because I tell them my definition of success is how much joy I've experienced at any given time.

A few things I enjoy when I am feeling down are:

Eating fruit (especially citrus or berries)

Listening to upbeat music, like Pharrells Happy Song

Become completely present and engaging

Go outside

If you're in public, a simple smile or holding the door open for someone can boost YOUR joy and their joy! Acknowledging another human beings existence is a great joy boost!

Listen to an inspiring podcast from my list here


Ask yourself if this moment will truly matter in a few months, a few years, or on your death bed (chances are, it won't and you can see you have the choice to feel differently)

Calling or texting THAT friend who always boosts your mood!

Hug a close friend or family member

Diffuse orange essential oil

Make a cup of tea or coffee

Go to the park and take a walk or people watch

What do you do to find your joy for the day?

Hoping this helps you,

Nichole Causey

Your Holistic Wellness Coach


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