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STOP Pesky, Negative Thoughts

Do you wish the pesky, negative thoughts would just stop?

Are you finding they control your emotions, feelings and actions more than you’d like for them to?

Many of my clients tell me once the cycle of negative thinking starts for the day; it is hard to shut it off.

I’ve found the same to be true. So, now I prepare myself as best as I can by creating the most positive mental atmosphere available for that day.

Negative thoughts will happen. It is reality. I am not a happiness coach who will say be and stay happy all the time. That isn’t realistic; it is, however, one way to stay stuck in the negativity cycle! Take the time to feel what you need to feel; and keeping a positive mental atmosphere a majority of the time will help.

Before cultivating a positive mental atmosphere, do the following:

-Journal your negative thoughts and patterns 4x a day for 5 days (8am, 12 pm, 5 pm and 9 pm)

-Reflect upon what these thoughts and patterns are telling you

-Is there a specific pattern you’re picking up on? How can you change this?

-Is there a specific time/event/person affecting this?

-Is this pattern truly serving you, or hurting you?

****Stop listening, watching, reading and receiving negative news. Really. I know you think you may love watching the news in the morning/evening but to be blunt, “If you put shit in, you’re going to get shit out”. Wish I remembered who said that. Probably Gary V.

If you truly want to become a more positive person, STOP SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH NEGATIVITY. You will survive. You will still be a well-informed citizen, this I can guarantee. Try it for 5 days, along with the following and see how you feel. Just TRY :)

How To Keep A Positive Mental Atmosphere:

-Journal how you feel, your thoughts, actions and events from throughout your day---get it out so it doesn’t take over in your mind

-Meditate 5 minutes a day, or better (this keeps your awareness heightened so you can be AWARE of certain “triggers” and stop them as they are unfolding—this is scientifically proven to be so.)

-Self-care- what does this look like for you? Hot tea and a book? A bubble bath with essential oils & Epsom salts? A walk outside? 5 minutes of peaceful quiet? Coloring? Singing? Dancing? Yoga? TV? Reiki? Massage? Swim?

-Listen to positive podcasts, songs, YouTube videos, affirmations, books- throughout your day. Even a few minutes here or there a few times a day can make a huge difference in your pesky, negative thoughts staying out in the horizon of your mental atmosphere. Put good shit in, get good shit out.

What do you find works best for you?

Meditation & listening to positive YouTube videos is the magical wand for me!

Go do what makes you happy,

With love,

Nichole Causey

Your Happiness Coach

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