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What Becoming A Reiki Master Really Taught Me

For as long as I can remember; energy healing has always been incredibly fascinating to me. Especially lately with all of the research and publishing being done on Quantum Physics, which is proving that everything (and I mean everything, down to atoms) are made up of energy and vibrations. So of course I had to see for myself how one could possibly heal their own energy and others in addition to other healing modalities such as talk therapy, releasing fears, gratitude practice, chiropractic care, physical therapy, yoga---etc, you get where I am going here.

So, I found myself a local Reiki Master ( At the same time I was working to become besties with my intuition to guide MYSELF. As a life coach, my intuition is ALWAYS spot on for others, but sometimes when it comes to myself there was some resistance. I find this to be very common among energy healers & empaths.

See, I’ve always had a strong intuition; but it seems as though the second I started Reiki and began THINKING about everything, the harder it was to hear my intuition. Part of it was because I was outside of my comfort zone which really allowed for more fear than love to be present. (But, each time we are outside of our comfort zone we usually end up with MORE confidence, security and love. So I kept at it, knowing there would be an abundance of gratitude at the end)

There were a few times, my Reiki Master would tell me to say what I was thinking/seeing/feeling. I was ALWAYS shocked he knew I had something pop into my mind. It was like he could see my thoughts: well, my ego and higher-self battling! Each time, I would state what my intuition told me or what I felt. Each time, I was spot on. Each time, I could hear myself think SEE?! Trust. Trust. Trust!

So, yes, becoming a Reiki Master taught me a specific type of energy healing but it (and Brian, my Reiki Master) taught me to listen again. Taught me to trust again even more.

It’s not that I lost my self-trust or listening at any point in time, it’s that I let my fear take over in the driver’s seat because I was outside of my comfort zone and it was natural for me to surrender to my ego instead of cultivating more love, trust and acceptance in those moments and going with the flow. The more I go with the flow, the easier I can hear myself and meet my clients needs as well as my OWN!

Lesson learned. Listen to the tugs, listen to the feelings and follow through. My intuition has never lead me astray; but fear has. Next time I am outside my comfort zone, I am definitely allowing my higher-self to drive! J I encourage you to do the same thing the next time you are outside of your comfort zone; take more love, more trust and more patience than you think you need.

What has your intuition lead you to discover?

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Lots of love,

Nichole Causey



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