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Whipped Lavender Coconut Oil Lotion

Do you make your own skin-care items?

My skin is very sensitive so a few years ago I started making my own products. I love picking up vegan body-care products made locally, but man, I can’t always afford it! Enter whipped coconut oil lotion. Sometimes I just want something thicker, like real lotion, rather than my plain ole’ coconut oil. Give this recipe a try after a bath or shower and let me know what you think. I think whipping it in the mixer adds such a fun, fluffy texture!


1 cup organic, unrefined coconut oil (nope, no need to melt it, works best if you don’t!)

1 tablespoon vitamin e oil

*3 drops of lavender essential oil or your favorite essential oil!

*I start out slow with essential oils because they are STRONG. If you are a beginner in essential oil world, the less you start with, the better...but sure, now that I use them all the time, I add more like 8 drops! Again, my skin is used to this!

Anyways, throw all those ingredients into your mixer. (Thank you, Aunt Tina, we use your mamas mixer for EVERYTHING, clearly.) Mix on high with your wire whisk attachment for about 6 minutes. Then gather up all that whipped loveliness with a spatula and put it into a mason jar and go take a warm bubble bath and use your lotion afterwards! Allow yourself a few minutes to sit to let your skin soak the coconut oil up…semi wet skin is best for absorption.

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