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Lead From Your HEART, NOT Your HEAD

One question, when you are on your death bed, what will your regrets be?

I used to let fear run my life. Fear controlled everything. Fear kept me in jobs I despised, kept me in unhealthy relationships and ultimately kept me unhappy.

I can promise you; you will be more tired tomorrow than you are today, you will have more to do tomorrow than today, you will have LESS motivation today than tomorrow. Its not going to get better. Stop complaining, START DOING.

Anyone can be happy when things are going great, its easy. Its when things aren't so great (from the outside looking in) that it is hardest to stay happy; but that my love, is when it is MOST IMPORTANT to find your happiness. Its not going to get better on its own.

I talk to so many of you who tell me if your circumstances could be a little bit better, you could be happy. I've been there. I find myself there from time to time now too. Here's the thing, it doesn't get better if you continue to do the same things over and over and over.

If you're living from your head, you're likely living in fear.

If you're living from your heart, you're acknowledging your fear and moving through it. Lead from your heart, not your head.

Everything you want is right outside your comfort zone. Little tiny things you do every day can add up to one big change. Start living from your heart by believing you can do anything you set your mind to. That's the trick, make your mind believe it too.

Do you think you will regret trying on your deathbed? No, but I can guarantee you will regret not trying. Keep yourself motivated by remembering that every failure you think you may have is just a stepping stone to your ultimate success.

Keep yourself motivated by shutting off the news and turning on positive podcasts or your favorite songs. Keep yourself motivated by hanging out with your tribe. Keep yourself motivated by going within and meditating. Keep yourself motivated by visualizing your most desired outcomes; like finally being happy when you wake up tomorrow morning.

I know my huge successes have come from failures, not from an easy journey. My happiest times in life have been when I've decided to take my power back and stand for what I want and bust through my fears.

Do something about your dreams. Expect your reality to get better, because it will and is. Everything is temporary in this very second. We chose our emotions. We tell our brain how to feel.

Reach out to your tribe. Tell them your dreams, your goals, your visions. Make it your reality.

Fill your unfulfilled potential today, love. Don't let that potential die with you. I truly believe in you. I believe you can let that magic shine through your heart.


Nichole Causey

Happiness Coach

PS: Remember, Conquer Your Inner Critic is happening Oct 6-8 at 11am EST, via Facebook live. Sign up here to receive reminders AND playbacks!

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