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Master Your Positive Mindset

Mindset is vital to happiness & following/finding our life purpose. Opportunities will easily pass you by if you do not notice them because you're busy focusing on the negativity in your life. Not only will you miss these opportunities; but when was the last time you wanted to help someone who wasn't thrilled and grateful for what they already have? Um, nope, no thank you. So again, missed opportunities.

Mindset is so easy to change. I just finished my Meditation 101 Course and a few times I mentioned how important it is to fill YOUR cup first. You cannot take care of anyone or anything if you do not have anything to give. Wake up first in the morning, take care of YOU. At the end of the day, you are the only one who can. This is how we can ALL change the world, by taking care of us first, then having the energy and empathy to help others.

This is my mindset practice I do each and every day:

Wake up early (4:30 or 5 usually)

Meditate for 30 minutes

Repeat the beliefs future Nichole believes wholeheartedly, 3x each

Take a few moments to focus on the OUTCOMES of my future beliefs becoming true, NOT THE HOW.

Listen to my positive, self love affirmations track

Journal for 5-10 minutes

^^That right there is key to me staying grounded and mindful throughout the day. It is the difference between me having enough patience, energy and strength to last until I go to bed, or not. I know this because I miss a day here or there and end up wishing I had woken up early to take care of myself.

Here are a few key points I want you to take away from this blog today:

*Future Beliefs. What does the future you believe? Does she live a happy fulfilling life because she has her dream job writing for hay house? Does she believe she has a full client load because everyone wants to work with her? Does she have an awesome blog that provides her family passive income? Sit down, think about what the future you believes. Write down at least 5 beliefs. Be sure they are positive and written in present tense. "So many people want to work with me" "My net-worth grows steadily each day. I welcome this growth". "Wealth allows me to express my love and service in beautiful ways". {Just a few of mine for examples, use them if you're digging it!}

*Now, focus on the OUTCOME of those beliefs. One of my outcomes is taking a river cruise to Cumberland Island, with my husband, leaving the kids at home with a babysitter. I visualize this, NOT MY HOW, just the outcome. I visual what I am wearing, what the weather is like, what we are drinking, what color the horses are that we see, who is around us, etc---that's how detailed it needs to be. Have 1 or 2 outcomes that your future self is indulging in.

*Positive, self love affirmations track, this is available to my email subscribers only! Be sure to go back to the homepage of and sign up! You'll receive the track within a few days. Plus, I am thinking I need to do a track around the mindset of money in a few weeks. ;)

*Journaling: Journaling is super important because it lets us express our emotions. Physical movement is amazing for this as well. I find I need both writing and dancing or yoga to move through my more painful emotions. Actually I also dance and write when I am happy too, ha! Anyways, journaling is a great tool because it moves the energy OUT OF OUR BODY. FEELING IS HEALING, FOLKS! Denying you are feeling anyway is a one-way ticket to auto-immune disease. I feel like this whole positivity movement can be misunderstood and taken as a "deny your negative feelings, pretend they don't exist, just pretend to be happy" That's not the truth. Truth is, you gotta move THROUGH your painful feelings just like you do your happy feelings. Journaling is a great tool to do so. Plus, its amazing to go back and read through how you felt once everything has changed. You realize it really wasn't as bad as you thought it was and you remember that the next time. {Oh, I speak from so much experience right here, HAHA!}

Alrgihty loves, have a great weekend. I am off to Reiki 1 training!


Nichole Causey

Your Holistic Wellness Coach

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