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Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts are a staple in my life because they keep my vibes up. By that, I mean it keeps me focused on happiness, love and creating. It gets me out of my own head, introduces me to new ideas, things and people. It jump starts discussions in my family or with my friends. Podcasts are a great tool for this day in age. I am so grateful to have them!

Anyways, here is a list of some of my favorite ones:

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

He interviews folks 3x a week and talks about almost everything: mindset, goals, attitude, entrepreneurship, happiness, how to become the best version of you---he is very out of the box and so are his great guests.

My Seven Chakras with Aditya

This one is a great podcast for anyone who enjoys learning and listening about alternative healing, energy related topics, nutrition, yoga, energy healing, and happiness.

Hay House Podcast Radio

Hay House is one of the best publishing companies for self healing. They have a radio show too, complete with their amazing authors! Topics vary but its always positive, uplifting and jam packed with advice and little golden nuggets!

Hay House Meditations

Hay House Meditations are so beautiful. Doreen Virtue, Denise Linn, Deborah King, just to name a few. There are so many options, chakra meditations, angel meditations, general guided meditations---okay I could go on forever, check them out!! Meditate!

Agape Spiritual Center Podcast

I love this podcast because Agape truly speaks my language. Over 10 years ago I told my mother I wanted to stop going to the Catholic Church. After much discussion we decided to try a new church in town, The Center for Spiritual Living. It was amazing. I have the most fond memories of this beautiful place. I was constantly supported, held and loved dearly by these amazing men and women, learning everything I could about EVERYTHING scientific and religion based, man I truly felt at home. Fast forward to when I was 18 and decided to move down to Florida to be with my (now) husband. I didn't find a church down here I liked. I decided to close that chapter and didn't look back. I always missed the connections and love and just general feeling of being at home that the center provided back in Charlotte, so I was delighted when a year ago I found Agape. Rev Lee Wolack doesn't skip a beat, he teaches SELF LOVE and how we can change ourselves to better the world. This podcast keeps me learning new things about the Universe, God, Jesus, Buddha, as well as how to keep my positivity up, my relationships solid and how self love impacts the world. It is a vital piece to my families week. I wish we had a center locally, as this one is in Texas but listening to the message each week or watching You Tube has given me that sense of peace and taken away the unknown which is really what so many of us are after in regards to religion.

Meditation Minis Podcast

This one is great because her voice is so soft and sweet and the meditations only last 10 minutes and under usually!

Magic Lessons by Liz Gilbert

Oh yes. She returned. Need I say more? HA

What are some of your favorite podcasts?


Nichole Causey


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