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Is Sugar The New FAT?

Unfortunately, sugar is definitely the new fat.

Remember how a few years ago we all thought fat was bad and we should be eating low fat everything?

Before my husband and I got married we decided to try that RIDICULOUS HCG diet where you can only eat 500 calories a day. What the actual F was I thinking?! Well, I can tell you this, I was a young woman who didn't have any self confidence or self love and I was looking for a quick fix to feel beautiful. Guess what? It didn't work that well. Not only was I super grouchy, I didn't lose the weight and I felt like crap! Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Even if I had lost the weight for a short amount of time, it wouldn't have brought the happiness I longed for.

Well, come to find out, our brain is 60% fat so eating reduced fat products or not eating fat at all is beyond detrimental and definitely plays a role in the rising Alzheimer and dementia epidemic. Really, its the sugar converting into stored fat in our body that is causing the problem. That isn't the kind of fat that feeds our brain, but it is the kind of fat that feeds disease.

The only magical fix for loosing weight is to start eating whole, plant based foods. STOP EATING SO MUCH PROCESSED JUNK! There is a ton of sugar (and other crap) in every single prepackaged food on our shelves. Sugar has many aliases such as: Anhydrous dextrose, brown sugar, cane crystals, cane sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, crystal dextrose, evaporated cane juice, fructose sweetener, fruit juice concentrates, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, liquid fructose, malt syrup, maple syrup, molasses, pancake syrup, raw sugar, sugar, syrup and white sugar. (There are a lot more than that!)

This is what finally worked for me and countless others. Its helped me to remain symptom free of my auto-immune conditions, shed 40 pounds and gain muscle that actually lasts; even when I do not routinely show up in the gym to pump iron! And, to get REAL woo woo here, it totally helped to open my intuition and spirituality. That's a whole other blog post I need to do though! ;)

I know what you're thinking...but I don't want to give up my cereals, cookies, pastas, milks and coffee creamer! I didn't think I wanted to either. BUT, I started slowly adding things in like coconut milk coffee creamer and suddenly I didn't need coffee mate. I started adding in more fruits like dried goji berries, apples, berries--etc, and suddenly I didn't need a cookie or a cupcake all the time! I started looking at the packaged foods I was buying for my family; started paying attention to sugar content and stopped buying it. What I did was FEED my body nutrients. WHOLE NUTRIENTS! This why the gut is becoming known as the Second Brain; those whole, natural nutrients I was (well am) feeding my body filled a void and took away my cravings for junk. Craving chocolate? You're likely deficient in magnesium and or iron (get some raw cacao into your next smoothie). Craving cheese? You're likely craving essential fatty acids, eat some nuts. Fight your sugar cravings with fat. GOOD fats. Avocados, nuts, seeds, oils,etc! Protein is also great at fighting sugar cravings thanks to its abilities to help balance our blood sugar.

This is why I became a plant based health coach because I knew there were so many people suffering as I did; moving from diet to diet, slowly DYING and not LIVING. This is all about a lifestyle change; it isn't a temporary DIEt. I do not find it coincidental the word diet has the word DIE in it and the word lifestyle has the word LIFE. You'll notice I do not like using the word diet for that reason. Its a NO NO in my household.

Before I knew it, I had lost 40 pounds and look better than I ever have. I was suddenly fitting into the clothes I had hoarded for years; you know the ones you secretly hope you'll fit into one day, so you keep them for a decade, and I was finally feeling comfortable in my own skin again. This weight loss has stayed off and I can guarantee you, it will stay off so long as I keep to my 80% clean, whole foods lifestyle. Even when I go off track 20% of the time, I immediately see the inflammation. It corrects itself over night by the way. That's how kick ass amazing eating a plant based lifestyle can be once you start to understand your own personal lifestyle needs.

Transitioning into a whole foods, plant based lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult. It can be easy, with a guide. Think about it, do any major sports teams play without a coach? No. Let me be your YODA! (I couldn't help that one. My office has two walls full of Star Wars decals thanks to the boys and my husband has a couple Star Wars tattoos, lol! Oh and not only does my car have a beautiful OM symbol and a Carolina Panthers Sticker, it also has a Star Wars family, LOL). Anyhow, I've designed a beautiful plant based nutrition package, just for you.

In the 6 week program I've created, I will teach you all about:

*Protein, carbs and fats

*The Dirty Dozen & nutrition label reading (and no, I do not mean produce dirty dozen, I'm speaking ADDITIVES)

*Superfoods 101; including smoothies to help you keep up your energy

*Green, Yellow & Red light system of eating (including a handout to print and keep in your kitchen)

*Pantry Makeover (yes, will be done via skype/facetime/facebook video for my long distance clients)

*Eating guides & plans

*Support from me along the way & after!

Right now, I have 5 spots available at my special, introductory rate, only $399! The prices will go up soon, to $799 so ACT FAST and book NOW, here,

add promo code PLANT and the total should be $399.

With love,

Nichole Causey

Holistic Wellness Coach

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