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The Top Five Books I Allowed To CHANGE My LIFE

A mentor of mine; Alida McDaniel, always says books do NOT change your life, only you have the power to change. You have to take action on what you've learned, or nothing will happen. You can read EVERY self-help book out there and still be stuck in victim land where nothing good "comes" to you.

This was me. I was a self help junkie. I love reading woo woo shit! I am all over the latest and greatest books, leaders and courses! I find myself joining something every month. I am not kidding, I still do. It keeps my vibes up. But after talking to Alida I realized it isn't really helping me, it wasn't changing my life like I thought it should have......Well no shit, I wasn't taking action on anything! I just kept bouncing from one thing to the next, never taking action because heaven forbid I should ever change for the better, I kept looking for outside validation and change.

So, now that you've read that paragraph and the title you may be thinking, so why is she telling me her top five books that changed her life? BECAUSE I ALLOWED MYSELF TO CHANGE AFTER READING THEM. They are my go to books now. The authors spoke in a language I could relate to. I took action and therefore, they did indeed help me to change my own life! So, if this blog helps just one person, well then I am happy as can be!

My first and foremost favorite book is "A Return To Love: A Reflection In A Course In Miracles" by Marianne Williamson. A Course In Miracles is absolutely amazing. Marianne Williamson is the first one who ever introduced me to it. This book is full of ideas and thoughts on how to work through fear and live from LOVE. This book is the foundation of why I believe we only live from two emotions: Love or Fear. This will be my number one for a while. I have read it many times, and each time I learn something different that deeply moves my soul.

My second recommendation is "You Are A Badass" by Jen Sincero. So many people recommended this book (thank you sissy) and I finally got it after a client told me how much she loved it. I was like okay, how many people are going to tell me they love this book before I buy it?! RIGHT? HA! This book is full of no bullshit, straight to the top advice. She speaks about Law of Attraction in a hard-core way. If you are anti-woo woo, give this book a try. She may help you change your mind and give you some great meditation tools to work through some baggage!

My third favorite is "Conscious Eating" by Dr. Gabrielle Cousens. Have you ever thought about eating lower on the food chain? Do you have diabetes, heart disease, or an auto-immune condition and feel like you should make a change but have no idea where to start? Well, enter Conscious Eating, aka YOUR NEW BIBLE. I am not kidding. This book is JAM PACKED with research backed information on what vegetarians and vegans need, as well as how to help keep your immune system healthy and defense shield up. This book has helped me change to plant based so much. He includes what you should eat, how much of it, why, how to get it and then gives you recipes. It is a large book but the chapters are broken down so easily, you'll love it! It truly has become my plant based bible. Thank you so much, Dr. Cousens. You are helping others change their lives dramatically. (PS: Has a lot of Ayurveda recipes if you happen to be into that! Vata, Pitta over here!)

My fourth favorite is for all my fellow parents out there. "A Newbies Guide to Positive Parenting" by Rebecca Eanes really kicked my ass into gear as a mother. She taught me I had been permissive parenting; instead of the gentle, attachment parenting I thought I was doing! I am the kind of girl that needs EXAMPLES and exactly what to say in situations in parenting, so this book really helped. Not only does she explain why a child needs empathy, support and love, she goes as far as telling you what to say and how to say it! She also explains the difference between permissive (oops!) and positive, gentle, attachment style parenting. I have so many highlights in this book its insane. Thank you, Rebecca Eanes for helping me parent my kids and feed their sweet, innocent, empathetic, emotional souls. :) We are raising our kiddos to be HIGHLY emotionally intelligent so this is a large tool in our toolbox.

My fifth and final (man this was hard to narrow down) is "Letting Go Of the Person You Used to Be" by Lama Surya Das. Wow, I truly don't even know where to begin with this holy grail. Okay, here I go....A lot of the work I've had to do is forgiving myself for the way I used to treat myself and others and how to move past that guilt and shame. This book has a way of teaching me a re-frame every time I read it, and a spiritual message attached (whether you are totally woo woo or totally NOT!). It is and has been instrumental in helping me get out of my head, out of my way and onto the next best thing in my present, loving life. Each time I pick up this book I get his thoughts and actions on how to move through a difficult emotion, like fear. This book helps me stay motivated and grounded towards my goals. I highly recommend this if you are working on yourself and changing your patterns.

And there you have it! This is the current list, as of this very second on August 17th, 2016! :)

As a holistic wellness coach, these are some of the staples and foundations of my practice and I am so giddy to share them with you!


Nichole Causey

Holistic Wellness Coach specializing in plant based nutrition, mindfulness and happiness.

**PS: You may notice I've linked you straight to Amazon up there when I mentioned the books. I am proud to announce Causey Coaching is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.**

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