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Fear: What Is Fear Trying To Show You?

First thing first, what is fear? Lets start with a definition.

Merriam-Webster defines fear as, " to be afraid of something". I believe this is what most of us view fear as, but I WANT to go all spiritual, woo woo on you, HA! My clients and I have come to love the below theories on fear and find it is much easier to move through when we think of fear as this....{Reframe}

An opportunity to grow; something new is happening. Just your ego trying to keep everything the same ole status quo. The result of change. The result of you being up against your comfort zone. The result of you ALMOST getting what YOU want...

Enter EGO.

Marianne Williamson states in her beautiful book, "A Return to Love: A Reflection of A Course in Miracles", "In course terminology, our entire network of fearful perceptions, all stemming from that first false belief in our separation from God and one another, is called the EGO". In fact, "Ancient Greeks taught the Ego as a notion of a small, separated self. False belief about self, a lie about who and what we really are".

Eckhart Tolle teaches us the ego is simply who you THINK you are, not who you ARE.

Well damn! If that's all fear is, we can move through it!

After all, we create the idea of failure in our MIND. Its just a thought, just an illusion. What IF you succeed? What if you are happy? What if you are authentic and living from your higher self? What if you decide to believe in yourself? Because listen, YOU CAN. {Reframe} Change your mind right now. Eliminate negative thought patterns. It is easy to do, once you've decided you've had enough and need more out of life. {Next Saturday I am planning to blog about how to change negative thinking, lemme know if there is something specific that keeps coming up for you and I'll address it!}

Mindset is so so so important. It has been and is a hard lesson for me to learn at times but the law of attraction is based on mindset. What are you thinking? Are you thinking you can never get a close parking space? Are you thinking your business will never take off because you aren't good enough or deserving of the fears? Are you thinking you can't live your passion because it won't pay the bills? What excuses are you making to not be happy? I betcha its just fear creeping in. Slowly but deadly that fear! Limiting beliefs have a lot to do with it too; which is a direct result of our fear---really, the building blocks of fear.

Whew. Okay, that was a lot. So, now we know what fear is, but how do we work through it like I am always talking about? At 4:00PM Eastern Standard Time I will go LIVE on my facebook page and give you my top strategies to overcoming your fear.

Here is a sneak peak to some of the strategies:

Act from love (your higher self, your spirit, your authentic self--whatever you'd like to call it) or continue down the same path, get the same shitty results and operate from fear. Write down your biggest fears. Seeing them in writing is powerful.

With a lot of love & gratitude,

Nichole Causey

Holistic Wellness Coach

PS: Don't have facebook? Don't worry. I will save the video and link it here after I am done :)

PS.S.: Next Saturday join me as I discuss how to reframe negative thinking! Raise your vibes! Improve your life! HIP HIP HOOOOORRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!

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