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An Attitude Of Gratitude Is THE Foundation For Happiness

You’ve heard me say it before; gratitude is everything. You may know it, but do you understand it? Do you practice it?

I think gratitude is so important because the world gives us what we concentrate on–aka, the law of attraction. The law of attraction doesn’t care if you only speak negatively to yourself and are positive to everyone else; the law of attraction doesn’t know the difference! This is the key to gratitude and abundance. If you’re not grateful for what you have in your current life, chances are you are missing opportunities for growth, expansion and abundance because you’re busy in the wrong state of mind. If you are consistently negative, angry or coming from a victim state of mind, this is what life will hand you because this is what you are attracting. Pause, take a deep breath, think…how do you show up in this world?

Are you a victim? Are you always defensive? Or…Are you a superstar? Do you light up the room? Does everyone gravitate towards YOU? You know those people who always have a smile on their face, who warm your heart when you see them and provide an instant boost of energy for you?? Have you always wanted to be like them?

Well, do NOT feel shame if you’ve played a victim role, or if you have been defensive. CHANGE. CHANGE RIGHT NOW. This is your opportunity! Before you read anymore; out-loud or in your head, state 3 things you are grateful for. Become a thriving survivor by being the change you wish to see in the world.

I am grateful for my sons health and happiness.

I am grateful you are reading this.

I am grateful for my coffee maker and blender.

Start seeking out the positive by starting a gratitude journal. The dollar store has notebooks, or simple printer paper will do. There is literally no excuse, I know people who use their phones as well! It doesn’t matter how you do it, but start writing down what you are grateful for in the PRESENT TENSE.

You know, I’ve noticed a trend among myself and other mothers; especially those who have chosen to stay at home or who have put their life on hold to raise their children. (Which is 99% of mothers, isn’t it?) We tend to become bitter, negative, resentful of others. Mostly our husbands or partners. It is sooooo easy to do. A year ago I sat back and watched my husband leave and go into adulthood everyday and leave me at home with two little boys. See? Doesn’t that statement scream VICTIM? Leave me at home?! It was my choice to stay at home with our kids. Once I shifted and started becoming grateful for everything he does for our family and the amount of work and passion he has I realized how blessed we truly are. His job no longer became an annoyance to me, I realized how much his partner showed how much he cares about us and our children and I also realized it had been there all along but for 5 years I was in the wrong state of mind. I can tell you, my marriage, my life, my friendships–EVERYTHING—has gotten better. I am not perfect, I am a human being, but 80% of the time I am positive, I am happy. This is a huge improvement for me.

Reach out if you need help! I would love to help you achieve the same things. This is my passion, this is what gives me energy, this is what makes me jump out of bed every morning.

This is all it takes. A small, gentle step for HUGE positive results. Try to start your day out on a positive note by filling up a page or two in your gratitude notebook. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself and your life. After all, it is easy to be grateful and notice these opportunities when we are happy and experiencing abundance–but, it has to start somewhere, doesn’t it? Start now!

Thank you for reading


Nichole CauseySaveSave

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