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Upgrade Your Thinking

Good morning LOVES!

Sorry I've been so quiet recently. I was busy, busy, busy filming the Meditation 101 course (being released in about 2 weeks!) and I was finishing my plant-based package.

While I was busy worrying about finishing my Meditation 101 course, I realized I was worrying and owning anxiety about something that really wasn't worth my worry. I am the one who set myself such a harsh deadline; I did that, so I could also change it. I was putting way too much pressure on myself and my family to get it done so fast and it wasn't coming together how I wanted it to. I decided to take a few steps back and just sit with it for a while.

It was hard to do at first, but as I've said before, when I am anxious I find meditation to be my fix. So there I was, making a meditation 101 course and feeling blocks, and so naturally, I had to return to meditation just as I was teaching others to do. I couldn't stop laughing at first at the irony of this. The good ole' Universe! So away I went. Meditated A LOT. I started recording my meditations also, for the course, although I had already done them all. These were beginning to be different, and they felt more authentic. Basically they are kick ass awesome. After I did a few, I suddenly felt free and light again. I was able to return to my meditation 101 course and finished in 1 day.

Anyways, point of the story is, UPGRADE YOUR THINKING. Mindset is so important. Yes, we've all heard that, but sometimes it doesn't truly sink in until you're in the midst of something and suddenly it isn't coming together like you want it to. My anxiety was blocking my creativity because I allowed it to. Do you ever find yourself in that same position, love? Sometimes the best thing to do is to stop creating and start living in the present. Return back to the basics. Ground yourself. Return to meditation and upgrade thinking. LEVEL UP!

Meditation is fitness for our brain. The more you do it, the easier it is to become aware of your mindset. This is what happened in my case; I knew I was blocking myself and that it would become better if I returned to meditation. It didn't fix it right away, took a few days, but it is so worth it. Next time you're feeling stuck, meditate. Meditate off and on until the feeling passes.


Nichole Causey

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