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Reframe Negative Thoughts

Good morning loves!

Yesterday I walked through my fear of public speaking. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to discuss superfoods to people I do not know because teaching is a value of mine that I chose to live from. I typically like to do one on one (obviously, haha!) but speaking to this group of sweet, supporting and loving women was exactly what I needed for my first public speaking engagement! So, thank you, to everyone who sent me your love and kindness and to those of you who were there cheering me on!

Today's topic is reframing negative thoughts. Reframing negative thoughts is so unbelievably important that I include it in both my happiness & life purpose sessions. Everyone can benefits from reframing every now and again. Here are my favorite strategies:

1. First & foremost, MEDITATE DAILY. Meditation provides you self awareness and mindfulness. When you pause, listen to yourself and disconnect from the world, you can hear your thoughts and become aware of what self-sabotaging behaviors you are practicing. The first step is to become aware of your thoughts.

2. Acknowledge these thoughts when they occur. No judging, no shushing them, acknowledge them. Ignoring or judging will make it worse, just trust me on that one! Tell your inner critic you love her, and thank her for keeping you safe.

3. Reframe whatever negative thought you had by replacing it with a loving one. "Even though I have (fill in the blank), I love and accept myself unconditionally"

or if you took an action you regret,

"Even though I acted (fill in the blank), I choose to love and accept myself unconditionally and to honor my higher, loving self from now on."

Give it a try & let me know how you're doing. After you've done a reframe, try raising your vibes (HERE) for an additional knock out of your negative energy.



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