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The Sleeping Phoenix Rises From the Ashes

So Wednesday, I shared my life theme in Human Design, "The Right Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix". Thursday, I shared my authority with you (how best to make decisions) and today I am going further in-depth about my incarnation cross. I teach best by telling stories, in case you couldn't tell already. (something my HD chart confirmed for me!)

Remember, Human Design is based on the time, date, and place you were born. You choose to incarnate at a very specific time, so you could experience growth. So you could expand with polarity. You chose the specific time for the specific vibration on the planet, to learn specific life lessons. INSANE RIGHT? LIKE HOW COOL IS THIS!

So as I look back on my life, I recall many events in which I thought and felt this again?! Why? Why does so and so have it so much easier? Why do I have to experience such deep, dark lessons? Why can't I learn another way? Since I am more of a positive person in day-to-day life, I really didn't like the experience of feeling so negatively and victim/martyr oriented. Logically I knew and still know that life lessons are typically born out of contrast, so there is usually change and heavy emotion/feeling associated and typically you end up coming out stronger, but it was always the process and the "during" part I absolutely loathed, okay?! I ALWAYS got sick in the icky process of transformation. I was aware enough to know this was a cycle but I wasn't sure why and how to overcome it.

So fast forward, I get into Human Design right, then I start reading about the incarnation cross, so I look mine up. I study it HEAVILY. Like I broke it down into 4 more easily digestible, analytical ways. I realized how my health issues, my divorce, my current long-distance marriage, financial issues, and health problems with the kids, ALL TIE BACK INTO THIS INCARNATION CROSS. The cross is made up of 4 gates. Gates are specific energetic themes that give further insight into the personality, what drives you, the life purpose and relationships etc. So when I started heavily studying not only my incarnation cross as a whole, but the 4 specific gates, my energy shifted. When events popped up in my life that would've been harder for me to work through and stay happy, I found myself able to maintain my home frequency. I remained stable. I fully embodied the thought and feeling that this is what it is, I can control what I can control but also I signed up for this contrast. My greatest task is to learn to be stable in the turbulence of life, of emotions, of ups and downs, and I am meant to be here to master this AND teach it to others.

That awareness, that acceptance, that permission, is what has changed my life in Human Design. It's like it gave me a permission slip to be myself and ride my emotional waves when they come and move through them, then onto the next high vibration. It's allowed me to let go of victimhood running my life in moments of transition. Instead, I allow myself to feel what is coming up as it comes up, as I know the light is coming because I see the light now. Whereas before, I didn't see it. I hoped for it but I didn't embody it. I questioned it. This is the beauty of the life theme and your incarnation cross. This is living by your design and flowing with alignment. This is living how your higher self, soul, and over soul chose. I always rise from the ashes.


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