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The Magic of Reiki Symbols

Symbols are not unique to Reiki, in fact they've been used for centuries for many different reasons.

In the case of Reiki, symbols are used to connect directly with source energy, direct it and increase the flow of energy during Reiki. Each symbol is a unique vibration and activation of energies within you and the Universe. Symbols are thought to be powerful keys to the Universe that can unlock and direct energies for the recipient's greatest and highest good.

Karyn K. Mitchell states, "The symbols are multi-dimensional characters that lead us out of our own Third Dimensional Reality. They are synergetic. In other words, they transform energy." And oh boy, yes, yes they do.

In Reiki 2 we learn 3 symbols from Usui Reiki. These are 3 of 4 symbols Mikao Usui (the person who re-discovered Reiki) was enlightened with after a 21-day meditation on top of Mt. Kurama. Here is a super brief snapshot:

The first is the Power symbol which is thought to be an amplifier for other symbols and energy healing modalities. This symbol is often used to work with the physical body and is known to be a terrific cleanser, "light-switch", manifestor and booster.

The second is the Emotional Healing symbol. This symbol is useful for harmonizing and balancing the mental and emotional bodies. We use this symbol to purify and protect against negative energies.

The third is the symbol we use for Distance Healing. Think of this as a portal or even space ship to a different time or place. ;) This symbol gives us the ability to transcend time, space, other dimensions, past lives, the past, present, and future. In Reiki 2, I teach how to utilize this symbol and give specific examples of how to conduct a distance healing session.

Sounds cool right? But what does it actually mean?? Many things I focus on in Reiki sessions with these symbols are:

*Boosting self-worth and confidence

*Cleansing on a deep cellular level

*Expanding abundance

*Improving sleep

*Finding root causes of blockages or dis-ease

*Pain relief

*Pain relief for cancer patients

*Support with kundalini rising/spiritual awakening and growth


*Dissolving negative patterns/thinking

*Ancestral healing

*Womb clearing

*Healing past life wounding

*Decrease of anxiety

*Chakra balancing

And of course, so much more ;)

Symbols are also used in Reiki Attunements at the end of class (whether it be Usui, Karuna or Holy Fire) to assist the receiver in matching their vibration with the specific healing energies and light frequencies of each symbol. Many times, this is why a 21-day detox happens post-attunement (perhaps this will be the next blog entry lol). For these reasons, the symbols can only be used by those who have been attuned/empowered to these advanced levels.

If you want to sign up for Reiki 2, it is scheduled for 9/18/22 at 9 am EST. You must already be a Reiki Level 1 practitioner. In-person (Fernandina Beach, FL) OR zoom options available.

Sign up here: OR book yourself an energy healing session here:


Nichole Causey-Coleman


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