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Meditation 101

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Chakra e-course

Have you ever found yourself curious about Meditation?

Notice how EVERYONE is doing it these days but you aren't quite sure how?

Perhaps you've tried it and didn't find great success?

Well, GREAT news.

I've created a simple but thorough e-course on Meditation.

In this e-course we will go over

-benefits of meditation

-creating a sacred space

-how to meditate

-BONUS: tips, tricks & FAQs video


4 FREE MP3 meditation downloads! Available for IMMEDIATE download on the Meditation 101 page.

Have you ever felt disconnected from your life, perhaps so much so that you lost who you are and what you desire? Maybe your emotional imbalance is manifesting itself into physical ailments such as illness, aches or pains? 


Daily self-care practices and awareness of the 7 main chakra (energy) centers can help ease physical and emotional pain. In this simple e-course with a 7 day meditation challenge you will learn what chakras are, what each chakra may look like when unbalanced and simple ways to balance each chakra by yourself. The course is emailed to you in a PDF immediately so you can begin your journey right away! 

Are you ready to commit to your daily care so you can create more self-love + peace + balance in your life? Sign up here.