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Emotional Freedom Technique:

The Ultimate Guide to Freedom

What is included in emotional freedom technique e-course?


  • What points to tap on your body & in what sequence, guaranteeing the BEST results for ditching doubts

  • “Set up statements” to use so your mind & soul are incorporated into this body work for the ultimate release of fear and allowance of self-confidence

  • How to release limiting beliefs and chose more powerful, self-worth beliefs so you can start to fully believe in yourself and your capabilities; which ultimately is the beginning of YOU creating the life YOU desire!

  • How to release any fears or past traumas so you can forgive, and move on with your life without the debilitating pain you may feel in your heart or other places in your body

What is EFT & how can it help YOU?

Do you ever feel stuck, unmotivated or lost and wish there was a way to release your emotions and truly let go of any past traumas or negative experiences so you can live for the present, feel confident and connect to your intuition like never before?

As we live our busy, always on the go lives, we often forget to take time for ourselves and connect with our intuition and body. Many times negative experiences and emotions become trapped in our chakras/meridians/energetic body. EFT teaches how to tap on ancient, Chinese Meridian points (acupressure) while stating how you feel.. EFT works to release limiting beliefs and negative emotion so you can chose more powerful, self-worth beliefs and start to fully believe in yourself and your capabilities; which ultimately is the beginning of YOU creating the life YOU desire!

The Benefits

In this e-course, you'll learn what EFT is, how the combination of modern psychology and ancient Chinese Acupressure works to create LASTING results


Not only will you receive videos, you will also receive a short workbook with the tapping points and instructions.


​This technique is unbelievably value when it comes to rewiring our entire body for joy. To experience the most joy we possibly can, we must combine our mind, body and soul. EFT does exactly this!

Here's What Other People Are Saying:


"Within days of starting EFT I began to notice my cravings for sweets disappearing. Cookies or chocolate candy bars have always been a favorite of mine in the evening, even though during the day I am able to eat a mostly clean diet so EFT struck me right away as something that could help me manage my evening snacking. Reducing these food cravings has truly given me a sense of self-control and power back, more than I ever imagined! I was surprised how quickly it worked too; within days of finishing Nichole's course!"


-Melissa Phillips


"All my life I've struggled with panic attacks. Nichole suggested looking into EFT to help me manage the triggers and stop the cycle before it started. I was hesitant, but wow, last night I stopped a panic attack that would have STOPPED me in my tracks in the past! EVERYONE needs to learn this technique! Thank you so much Nichole!!!"


-Samantha Greene 


"I've started using EFT prior to work meetings. These meetings usually give me some anxiety because I have to speak in front of about 50 people. I am always worried I am being judged or am going to stumble over words or even have my entire mind go blank! By utilizing EFT prior to these meetings, I am able to clean the slate and release my fear and allow for confidence to move in. I love this course because Nichole includes videos (with a demonstration) but also, a workbook with all of the tapping points! Very easy to follow"


-Chris Manning

Nichole Causey is an Intuitive Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master specializing in happiness. She works with awakening, heart-centered women who struggle with self-doubt and needing permission to act on her desires to help her instead learn to love herself and connect to her intuition so she can feel confident fulfilling her desires and life purpose.

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