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Crystal Therapy E-Course

What is included in the Crystal Therapy e-course?


  • What crystals are and how they are made 

  • Types of crystals & their healing properties 

  • How to: Cleanse, Charge, Use Crystals in Jewelry & Use Crystals in Meditation

  • Crystal Medicine; what is it and how to do it yourself

  • Crystals in Home Protections

  • & finally, an easy to use and learn from Crystal Chart at the back with each crystal listed, the chakra it heals the most and the healing abilities the crystal posseses 

What are crystals?

Crystals are rocks, as my kids will tell you. They've been used for centuries to help heal and power our society. In this short e-course you can learn more about who used them and how; including how they are made. 

The Benefits of Crystals

Do you find yourself overwhelmed when you try to learn about crystals? I made this e-course so that you could easily learn the basics of crystals, how to use them, cleanse them and recharge them so you can receive the many benefits of crystals. Each crystal has it's own metaphysical (healing) prosperities like grounding, protecting, boosting self-esteem or even unlocking creativity. The crystals included in this course are easy to find in most metaphysical shops {including mine!} will have them. 

Nichole Causey is an Intuitive Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master specializing in happiness. She works with awakening, heart-centered women who struggle with self-doubt and needing permission to act on her desires to help her instead learn to love herself and connect to her intuition so she can feel confident fulfilling her desires and life purpose.

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