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Awakening Joy

From People Pleaser to Poised & Self-Assured


Awakening Joy is a mini-intensive program designed for women who want to release any belief systems that may be hindering her joy & keeping her stuck in co-dependent, people pleasing patterns.

To learn more about how to become confident and decisive, visit the Awakening Joy page

Unleash Your Happiness

Unleash Your Happiness is a program similar to Awakening Joy, but in this one, we go even deeper into limiting beliefs feeding people pleasing and co-dependency habits. We also start to dig around and find passions and purpose. Since you're used to giving away your power and its become so second nature, we really focus on your new identity, how to build your confidence and what feeds your soul. How does this new identity impact the world? And, of course having continued support throughout this discovery process, to be sure you free yourself from the patterns feeding your doubts.

To learn more about this program, please visit the Unleash Your Happiness page.

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