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I work with heart-centered women who struggle with self-doubt, needing permission to act on her desires and seeking outside validation to help her cultivate self-love and connect with her inner guidance so she can feel confident fulfilling her desires and life purpose.

Aren’t you ever curious of how your life can change if you begin to expand and work through your fears and self-doubts your inner critic feeds you constantly?

Do you ever wonder what is possible for you; on the other side of fear?

Let me tell you how I worked through the very same fears…A couple of years ago, after my second son was born I felt more depressed and empty than ever before. Honestly, this was quite the shock to me because ever since I could remember, my dream was to become a mother and stay home to raise them, myself. But, no matter what I did, each and every day I felt like I was lacking purpose, I didn’t know who I was and I truly felt sad and lost at my core.

I knew I didn’t feel happy, and after it was clear my husband couldn’t really tell me what makes me happy, I decided to go after resources available to me that I thought would fix my feelings of sadness, lack of purpose, mistrust in who I was and what I wanted. Off I went to the library; read every single Deepak Chopra book I could find, even attended a workshop he lead.  I watched The Secret, over and over again. I started following everything Oprah posted on her Facebook page & subscribed to her emails. I tried implementing the steps I learned from these enlightened and powerful leaders from their books & lectures---but, UGH, nothing was quite the magical switch I was expecting. I was getting frustrated. I felt like I was doing everything I knew to do, I was meditating, I was connecting to myself, I was taking the time to create more awareness of what I did want---but I still felt lost and continued to look to my husband and friends to tell ME what I wanted!


That’s when I realized, I’ve always looked to others to tell me what to do, what I want, to feel loved and valued. I was codependent and none of these steps were working for me because I was holding onto a limiting belief of never feeling good enough & continuing to look to others for validation and permission. This limiting belief was crippling my sense of purpose, direction, trust and self-love. Clearly, it was something I needed to RELEASE---immediately!

I began to dig deeper into these beliefs, why I had them, where they came from and ultimately started to release them. As soon as I released the first one---WOW---it was the magical switch I had been looking for this entire time! I suddenly began loving myself and trusting myself and my path to purpose opened up.


This is when it became clear, through my own journey of releasing my limiting beliefs and self-discovery, my mission in life is to help women uncover any limiting beliefs they are holding onto, that is feeding their self-doubt, need for permission and validation so they can learn to love themselves, build a connection to their inner guidance and therefore feel confident fulfilling their purpose in life.


In 3 months, in Unleash Your Happiness, we will work together, so you can:

-Identify AND release the limiting beliefs feeding your self-doubt; so you can break free from the cycle of people pleasing and co-dependency,  and instead establish a meaningful connection to yourself and your own guidance

-Install new self-empowering beliefs that allow you to ditch your inner critic, stop relying on permission from others to do what you want and instead, develop a great ability to make decisions and become decisive for your own life

-Reignite your purpose in life using my 2 step process to connect to your passions and take the action required to make these passions a purpose you give yourself permission to do

- Unapologetically express your needs & desires so you can be heard & seen 100% of the time whether it be in your marriage, at your job or even as a mother so you feel appreciated, valued and loved as you are.


Dare to show your true self and discover you are loved and accepted anyways, so you can experience authentic confidence being exactly who you truly are instead of who everyone else thinks you should be. I believe in YOU.

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