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From People Pleaser to Poised &Self-Assured

Explore Your Beliefs Surrounding

Happiness, Confidence & Self-LOVE






What Clients Are Experiencing:

"My S.O. began to notice a little more pep in my step and said he noticed I was smiling more. It felt great!

I felt comfortable talking to Nichole even more after that week. I felt braver, more confident, and the negativity that consumed me started to slip away. Being able to let that go reassures me that I’m moving in the right direction. I’m on my way to a happy healthier me one step at a time." NJ 

"I realized I wasn't happy because I kept thinking it was other peoples responsibility to make me happy. After following Nichole for a while I decided I was ready to figure out why I kept sabotaging my own happiness. All I can say is, WOW. I had no idea these beliefs were keeping me from experiencing all the joy I currently do now. You see, I felt I wasn't good enough in my core & Nichole helped me to uncover this & release it and program my brain for happiness! I can barely believe the amount of clarity, confidence and joy I experience on a daily basis since letting my beliefs go. " CH

Are you a professional people pleaser?

Have you been living your life people pleasing, on auto pilot, according to everyone else’s needs but your own?

Do you feel like it’s so hard for you to make decisions because you can’t stop thinking about whether you’re going to make a mistake or what other people think?


Do you realize that it’s been so long since you felt like you were living life full force just for yourself, that you’re accustomed to life on auto-pilot?  Or maybe you never have lived fully for yourself and now you’re done and fed up with living for others.  


This was SOOO me up until about 2 years ago. I was living my life people pleasing on auto-pilot, indecisive about literally everything from what to eat for breakfast to what to do with my life.

After my second son was born it all changed for me, I had literally no time for myself, and what I remember is becoming so fed up with constantly giving everything to everyone else but me. I realized in that moment, that this was the tipping point.  I will no longer live a life that is so codependent that I do not know who I am and why I am here. I finally started building the courage I needed to be myself.  

If you’re ready to drop the people pleasing, indecision and need for constant validation and finally live a full life on your terms, I’d love to introduce to you, AWAKENING JOY: From People Pleaser to Poised & Self-Assured, to help you release any limiting beliefs you are having around your own self-worth so you can learn to release patterns of people pleasing, co-dependency and seeking validation. What if instead you could start creating a life full of courage and confidence so you can break free from the cycle of people pleasing and co-dependency and establish a meaningful connection to yourself and your own guidance and discover your true purpose in this world.

In these (2) 90 minute sessions you will:

-Know how to ditch your self-doubt, break free from negative codependent patterns and develop a great ability to make decisions and become decisive for your own life.

- Learn my 3 step system to rewire your brain for joy so you can stop people pleasing on auto pilot and be present with your life, right in front of you for you to enjoy.

Happiness is a choice each of us can make every single day, but it is an easier choice when you’ve decided to start living your life purposefully.

Act NOW and you’ll get a bonus Transform Your Energy & Ditch People Pleasing Distance Reiki &Energy Healing Session! Reiki is the perfect complement to moving through your trapped emotions that may be holding you back releasing co-dependency and people pleasing.  

You’ll get all of this for only $450 if you act now!

If you want to chat first to see if we are a good fit, please book a free discovery call using the button above.

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