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Welcome to Soulshine Reiki Healing!



I am Nichole Causey, a Holy Fire®III Karuna Reiki Master, Instructor. 

Reiki is hands-on energy healing based on the idea that energy can be transferred through touch and jumpstart emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Some benefits of reiki include improved sleep, relaxation, less physical discomfort, increased confidence, a reduction in anxiety, and an increase in happiness.

I've been practicing Reiki for about 16 years now and opened my private practice in 2016 online and in Fernandina Beach. Some of my favorite things to work on with clients is self-love, confidence, building a stronger intuition, and even confidence in fulfilling desires and life purpose. Ditching people pleasing, self-doubt, permission seeking, and negative thought patterns are also a favorite topic of mine. I am by no means perfect, but I have worked hard to build a tool box FULL of tools to help in moments of doubt, fear and unhappiness. I also LOVE to help other energy healers develop and sustain a spiritual business! 

Feel free to text any questions to 904-477-6672. Appointments are booked online only; click "Book now" above or "Book A Session" from the menu and choose the service that most fits your needs. In-person & Distance Healing (remote) sessions available. 

PS: Be sure to join our Facebook Group: Soul Support For The Heart-Centered Goddess

Imagine being in a supportive sisterhood where you can receive daily doses of love, support & empowerment. We support each other to:
*Become present in our life and enjoy what is right in front of us
*Learn how to find joy and success in every single day
*Connect with yourself on a deeper level (without feeling guilty or selfish!) so you can discover who you are, and become clear on what values drive you, so you can build a life that has you feeling like you know yourself more than anyone else
*Let go of pleasing others first & find how to love ourself first and foremost, so we are available long-term for our loved ones

Here's the link again Soul Support For The Heart-Centered Soul HERE

I seem to experience my greatest spiritual lessons and deepen my energetic healing abilities through my own personal experiences and awakenings.


The first rather impactful awakening, happened in 2015 after realizing I was DONE living a life on auto-pilot, full of people-pleasing, needing permission to do what I wanted, and codependency. My self-doubt and lack of self-love and knowing myself really fed into my fears of never being good enough. I didn’t trust myself; I trusted my (then) husband at the time and family more. Once our second son was born in 2015, I was living my dream life as a stay-at-home mother, and I truly felt my new circumstances would make me happy, in reality, I had NEVER felt so empty and unhappy as I did then. It was such a hard time for me, I was unable to enjoy and be present in life, even though I felt like I should be happy. Maybe you’ve experienced that lost feeling before too? Or feeling like you “should” be happy, but aren’t? Around my son’s first birthday I decided I was fed up with looking outside of myself for validation, happiness, and answers because it sure wasn’t working. I began to search for answers and seek long-term healing. That’s when I decided to return to my spiritual roots and finish my Reiki Mastership, work on developing my intuition so I could once again connect with Angels and Spirits, and finally listen and hear myself like never before.  


​I dived deeply into self-healing with Reiki, journaling, sound therapy, forgiveness work, crystal healing, angelic therapy, and more. Ultimately, I realized my dream was to open my own healing business and help others uncover their spiritual gifts while ditching self-doubt, leaving behind codependence, people-pleasing, and living life on autopilot.


Fast forward a few years later and I found myself going through a lengthy, heart-breaking divorce. The only difference here, with this awakening, was that I was fully prepared. When the anxiety, exhaustion, and depression hit this time I knew what tools worked for me. Have you ever noticed in times of great stress, when we think we have healed, we seemingly haven’t? Another illness occurs, or do old habits rise to the surface? That is because much of that stressful, past trauma is deeply encoded in our cells and our body reverts back to old patterns and habits as that is what our body knows and recognizes as safe. For me, and my clients, that is truly the beauty of Reiki and practices like meditation. Reiki and meditation bring these “issues” to the surface to shed light on what needs deep healing so we can recognize when we start to revert and we make another choice; we seek healing. We go to therapy, Reiki, meditation classes, a yoga class---etc, so we heal even deeper and experience longer lasting happiness, and peace.


Here are my two amazing baby boys. Brayden is 9 and Emmett is 7. In 2018 we also welcomed a baby girl, Josefina. They are the light and laughter of my heart.  In 2020 I met my current husband and we’ve been building a new norm for us ever since! Manifesting a wonderful man is a whole other story to share another time! 😊 As a family we enjoy time at the beach, going to the park or greenway, cooking together, eating, reading, crafting, and playing board games. I personally also enjoy swimming in the ocean, reading, writing, meditating, taking bubble baths, and watching below deck or love island.



You might wonder; why does someone become an intuitive mentor and reiki master because from what you know of me now, and how genuinely happy and present I am, you’d never guess how much I suffered in my previous years. I truly feel like I’ve been able to be present in my life and expand my levels of happiness I never imagined possible before.



But, it didn’t always start out that way.




"I went in to my Reiki session with Nichole feeling physically and emotionally out of whack. My neck and lower back had been bothering me more than usual and my anxiety was rising. During my session, I could feel the warmth and positive energy from Nichole and after just a few minutes, I was feeling much more relaxed. After my session, I felt so much calmer and more at peace. My lower back isn't hurting anymore either! I'm so glad I went to see Nichole and highly recommend her services!"-Kim Tank

"When I came to Nichole, I was extremely stressed out and not feeling well.  Nothing was really working for me and I knew I needed some healing ASAP.  Nichole is so loving and kind and you can feel that come through with her distance healing.  It was enjoyable and I was able to relax in the comfort of my own home as she worked her magic.  When our session was over, I felt renewed, calm and centered.  The video she sent me after was wonderful and she even sensed that I had a sore throat which I didn’t tell her about!  Her mini angel card reading at the end was great and gave me some additional insight and things to meditate on.  If you’ve never had Reiki or energy healing, Nichole would be a great person to receive it from." -Nancy Weiss

"Reiki felt like my body was tingly all over and what was amazing to me was I felt the tingles when you were waving something over me but not touching me. At that point I was sold that this stuff is legit (I was skeptical going in but had to give it a try, you are always so happy!!) It was so relaxing, massage level relaxing, but with minimal touch which I find absolutely amazing. I was relaxed and happy afterwards , a very worthwhile experience and I plan to come back!" -Holly H

"Distance Reiki with Nichole is amazing. While she was conducting the session; seconds before she texted me she was done, an overwhelming feeling of relief came over me, tears began to roll down my face for no reason, I was not sad or upset at all. It was a warm feeling of acceptance and a huge weight being lifted at that moment. It was such a wonderful feeling of gratitude in that moment." –TM


Vital Motion Holistic Therapies:

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