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Who I Am Grateful For Today

Gratitude, in the most simple explanation is being thankful for everything you have.

Lately my husband has expressed to me directly and to his friends and family that he is grateful to me for helping him to express his emotions.You can read his blog here.

The funny thing about that is, he is the one who taught me what unconditional love is. When I was angry with him, or disappointed, it was so hard for me to feel and express the love I knew I had (have) for him. He was always right there though, loving me through each and every argument and will continue to do so.

He is my calm rock and always has been. He models patience to our children and me more than I’ve ever seen before.

Chris, I am so grateful to you for the amount of love, respect and patience you demonstrate on a daily basis. Here’s a throw back to almost 10 years ago when the Universe put us in each others life.

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