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Why Am I A Life Coach?

As Marianne Williamson said in “A Return To Love”, I have written and will continue to write and share with an open heart and I hope you’ll read enthusiastically and with an open mind.

Since having children my entire life changed. It was no longer about me, or my husband and I, it was about these two baby boys we love and cherish deeply. When you’re pregnant you know your life is going to change (for the better) but you truly do not know exactly what life will be like as a new mother until you are in it, day in and day out…24/7. It is because of them and my husband that I realized something in my life needed to change. I wasn’t the mother nor the wife I always pictured myself to be.

I’ve always felt I wasn’t truly happy at my core. It always felt as if something was missing. I never had a job or a relationship where I felt whole and happy.At the time I thought it was normal (I still think it is NORMAL because a lot of people experience this, but it doesn’t have to be!!). I think subconsciously I knew better. One day this fall I asked the universe for help. I had been asking myself what I wanted to do with my life and never had any answers come to me, but this time I literally asked the universe & my spirit guides (angels if you will) what I wanted to do with my life and to please provide me a sign that gave me the answer. The next morning I was driving my toddler to school and listening to Food Heals Podcast (that’s my FAVORITE podcast. Subscribe to it) and the guest was announced as a holistic life coach. It suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks that is what I wanted to do. The amount of relief and happiness I felt is indescribable, I almost had to pull over. I want to become a holistic wellness coach and help people find their true purpose in life, their authentic self, their higher self—INTUITION, whatever you want to call it! And truly start living from a happy state of mind and soul. None of this can happen without SELF LOVE.

If you asked me years ago if I loved myself I would have said yes without hesitation. It took a few months this past winter for me to truly connect to myself and LISTEN to my thoughts to realize there was a lot more negativity going on in my head than I cared to admit! Specifically about myself. A few friends and family members have expressed shock when I’ve told them this so it makes me wonder; how many of us are out there projecting a happy, healthy, positive life, but on the inside we are not treating ourselves with the love and respect we deserve? Probably a lot of us, right?!

So, this is the beginning of a completely different journey for me. Since Thanksgiving my husband and I have drastically changed our nutrition, thought processes and exercise. (Ok, my husband has been consistent in the exercise dept for a year, but I wasn’t!)

It was through dropping most animal products and processed foods, eating a plant based diet, becoming more aware of our precious Mother Earth (again) and learning to reprogram my brain that I finally discovered my own self love and happiness. Nutrition was a key factor for me. I’ve always struggled with eating…either I wouldn’t eat enough or I’d overeat–either way, it lead to a lot of tears and guilt. I suffered from IBS as well, thanks to an incredibly poor diet and lifestyle. I am happy to say my IBS is in remission (usually…sometimes I eat something that doesn’t agree with me and I remember it is a lifestyle choice I must make to continue my well being! Remember, when you ask your doctor if nutrition has any role in your dis-ease, they will likely say no because they truly have no idea, they’ve not been taught nutrition in medical schools! This is slowly but surely changing). The biggest nutrition key for me was stopping the meat and adding plants that are alive into my system. What do I mean by this? RAW FOOD. Eating raw foods sounded scary at first. All I could imagine was a sore mouth from chomping all the time, HA! But it was nothing like that. I added in more fruit, apples, berries, bananas–etc and a lot of salads. The salads were really the easiest thing to add raw produce to for me. Sprouts, peppers, avocados, onion, squash, goji berries and zucchini for example. Once I ate these daily I started craving them and no longer craved the junk. Don’t worry, I’ll post more about that journey as well! The point is, after watching a lot of documentaries (I’m looking at you, Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead and Fed up) I decided I needed to clean up my nutrition for good and help save our planet. No more saying oh Ill do this or that and sticking to it for a month or two. This was a lifestyle change for the better and it worked for myself and my husband. The amount of clarity provided to me by this transition was and is still incredible. Now I enjoy a large salad at least once a day as well as lots of raw snacks and cooked food. I choose to not rely on cooked food as a majority of my diet (I hate the word diet, seems so negative and temporary!) because when cooking you are literally cooking the nutrition out. I immediately lost 20 pounds of what I imagine was built up inflammation and all sorts of other junk I don’t want to know about!

No, it didn’t happen over night (the weight loss happened within two months and still going) and no, I am not done. This is the EXCITING part, I will always continue learning and cultivating my own self love and development. I am working hard on no longer acting from a place of FEAR. After all, the only REAL thing in this world is LOVE. My holistic wellness coaching is all about discovering true purpose in life and we can do that through nutrition, mindfulness & exercise. I am so excited for what my future holds and I thank all of you for helping me along the way and continuing to do so in this new path of mine!


-Nichole Causey Holistic Wellness Coach

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