In this 3 day challenge, discover:


Day 1: Thought Is The Invitation To Change: Discover what the biggest catalyst is to changing your self-worth so you can start feeding your own self-worth & stop looking to your partner for your sense of worth & value 


Day 2: The Art Of Telling A Different Story: How starting your day with a proper morning routine guarantees more confidence, self-love and BELIEF in yourself so you can go ask for that raise you so deserve and want without hesitation! 


Day 3: What To Do When You’re Overwhelmed and Feeling Upset, Sad or Unmotivated so you do not remain stuck in negative emotion and spiral into self-doubt


You get all of this for $9.99. It is important to me to keep the price of this course at a “no brainer, hells yeah” price point because I truly see the value of self-love and that love transitioning into world peace, but I also need to make sure my family is taken care of!

Mindset Magic e-course: For The Woman Who Yearns To Love Herself Again