Are you BUSY and on the go? Rushing from one thing to another? Struggling to stay mindful and present in the moment? Exhausted?!?

You aren’t alone. Life these days is hectic and our society teaches us, the busier and more accomplished we are, the more success we experience. Unfortunately that is directly feeding into stress and that stress is feeding into disease: emotionally and physically.

We all know meditation can be extremely helpful, but I’ve heard from many of you that you struggle to meditate on a daily basis because you find yourself distracted by thoughts. So, what if there is a different way to mediate? Enter: ZEN GARDENS!

Soooo create your very own tabletop zen garden! Zen gardens are small trays filled with sand, a rake and other items like rocks, sea glass, sea shells and or a Buddha figurine. Each day when you feel like you need a quick mental refresh, go to your zen garden and rake the sand, rearrange the figurines if you wish...just follow your intuition and relax.

ALL of the supplies are included AND charged with reiki.

I have 3 more DIY tabletop zen garden kits left! $20 locally; $30 shipped. 

DIY Tabletop Zen Garden